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Post by thubab2 on Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:47 pm

Sinister I replied to you on the JOG site. . . I am sure you can retrieve it one way or another. . . But I decided to come here to answer the rest of the stuff that I have seen written here.

First: Sinister your ban as you know is because of all the past history you have had with us ( this counts being on our private forums, posting on our private forums, and expressing your views of JOG on JOG"s site. Having an opinion is one thing, but you do go out of your way to attack us. I have seen countless comments here, there almost every website you browse by. They are your opinions, and you have the right to say them, but JOG also has the right to keep you off its site, cause we personally are done listening to them.

Second: Why Sinister's post wasn't originally allowed was because he was banned and we don't allow post from banned players. However I did lift this to post your comments sinister because I did refer to you in my original post and I thought it was only fair that you could respond. But Deity was right in not allowing this to occur in the first place. Now if he didn't know you were banned to begin with, I am not sure, however he did soon after. So did isac. . .

Third: Neji, your ban holds because reguardless of you not trying to do anything wrong by posting sinisters' comments, it was your reaction to deity's move that got you banned. I intially lifted it cause I wanted to get sinisters comment here, not realizing I had it already. So then I put the ban back on. I know you don't like deity too much Neji, but if you do go after him or another member of JOG like that they do have the right to ban you for it. But deity's lifting of sinisters comments was not because he was afraid of them. . . they barely had anything to do with him, but simply he felt that it shouldn't be allowed do to the ban. . . or that you sinister should have posted them at first. ( even thought you couldn't due to the ban)Either way that was the reason.
simply killing all of the Tenpenny residents or trying to resolve the matter peacefully. The choice is yours. For you see, there is no real wrong way to play this game, and that is what is so great about it. No longer will you be chased down by Oblivions guards by killing someone in their own house while no one is looking. No, no, in Fallout 3, you have the ultimate and perhaps complete choice in the gaming world. Of course, with choice come advantages and disadvantages. Fallout 3 balances this in a very simple way. If you decide to be a saint of the wasteland, there are rewards and setbacks (You may get hunted down by some mean old mercs, but random people in towns will give you ammo and health) it truly is a breath of fresh air to experience the vast amount of balance of choice that Fallout 3 gives to you. As you continue on with your grand adventure you are awarded Experience points for killing foes and in turn are given perks to use. You may want to combine the "bloody mess" perk which gives you a 5% damage increase with all your weapons with the endomologist perk which gives you 50% damage for attacking insect creatures for a whopping total of a 55% increase when attacking insects. Oh, and the weapons... some are ludicrisouly and quite honestly laughable (honestly a rock-it-launcher?? Does hurdling a teddy bear with a customized weapon at an enemy not make you laugh?) but others, are just devastating. When you get your grimy hands on a fat-man it is truly a sight to behold.

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Post by Mattuiop on Sun Jul 10, 2011 4:25 am

This website hasn't been used in a very long time. so you can do as much as you want to it! Razz

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