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cool im gona be the first to post under here

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cool im gona be the first to post under here Empty cool im gona be the first to post under here

Post by d12 on Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:10 pm

i'm working on a cool project called the otsiders it's based around the 4th editoin d&d game the chrecters will be kriv medrash a dragon born fighter wears scale male and a pelt cape fights with an axe 7ft 300lb. then thers shadow hawk an elf ranger fights with two sowrds one is a magic sowrd called life drinker sucks the life out of what he kills then thers bowmora he's and alederin wizard he has a magic staff and wheres cloth armer if you'v ever seen the show bleach thers a qunsiy guy and hes basicaly wearing that whit with blue trim. next up is the roug elf named shadow blade he has a magic dager and amulat he usuly uses his sling has lether armor. then thers akiminos hes a tifling warlord with a long spear and magic chainmale armor.

the go around doing good and killing kobolds goblins and once a white dragon ahh the white dragon akiminos died right of the bat then shadow hawk died he got better during the battle but died agin later the death of the dragon was funny shadow bade slung a glue shot in the dragons mouth so it couldnt breath bowmora sumund a fire ball that was blaced at it's ass and i was hcking at it with my axe.

then ther was iron tooth in this battle the roug was killed by iron tooth it was shadow blade and shadow hawk how were fighting it couldnt kill it every tim they swung ther sorwd he would yell somthing like that the best youv got comon thats pathetic. kriv came over after killinng a goblin and yelled hay iron tooth look what i can do and killed it in one swing.

ya thers that stuff in the show the only prblum is i dont have any clay.... or a camera........ or a computer that dosent bleong to the school or library. so matuip or jox or any one that would like to help pleas help im not asking for a camera or any thing like that but i mean i can send you a detaild script f the episode and you con animate it.

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cool im gona be the first to post under here Empty Re: cool im gona be the first to post under here

Post by Mattuiop on Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:36 pm

well done 4 using my new udated forum
cool ideas!

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